Apart from workshops with different presenters from all over the world on many different aspects of shibari, we have some more regular classes, for all levels. Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently not hosting any workshops with teachers from abroad. This is in order to avoid unnecessary travel from outside of Greece. We hope that we will be able to invite people once again, from all over the world, to show and teach their approach and philosophy in ropes.

Until then, check here some available options to learn the ropes.

1. Open Classes
This event is scheduled once or twice per month, usually on Sundays, from 17:30 to 20:30. It's for total beginners and it's the best way to be introduced to shibari, learn all the basics and get inspired. It's suitable even for single participants.
A) Theoretical part
Shibari History, safety in ropes, communication, negotiation and consent in ropes and basic shibari terminology.
B) Practical part
Single and double Column tie, basic rope handling skills, rope tension skills, futomomo, ideas for play and improvisation with rope.
Cost per person is 10 euros

2. Regular classes
Are you looking for a way to get better in ropes? Then this is for you!
We do regular classes in all levels, very limited places.

~Beginners level
Includes: safety, communication, negotiation, floorties, improvisation, terminology, body handling, play ideas on the floor and more
Cost: 50 euro per single participant or 80 euro per couple per month (or 4 classes of 2 hours each)
Max number per class: 4 couples

~Intermediates level
Includes: suspension lines, partial suspensions, intro to suspension, simple movements, enrichment for all the things taught in the beginners' level and more
Cost: 120 euro per couple per month (or 4 classess of 2 hours each)
Prerequisites for riggers: to know basic safety rules, to know some stable harnesses, to have a set of at least 5 pieces of 8m ropes and a pair of safety scissors
Prerequisites for models: to know basic safety rules and to know how to communicate

~Advanced level
Includes: dynamic transitions, more demanding positions, erotic torture (semenawa), decorative techniques (including bamboos, candles etc), installations and more
Cost: 200 euro per couple for a month (or 4 classes)
Prerequisites for riggers: to have some experience with suspensions, to know how to lock suspension lines, know how to do some basic stable harnesses and to have a set of at least 8 pieces of 8m ropes and a pair of safety scissors
Prerequisites for models: to have previous experience in suspensions, have some basic body awareness and to be able to communicate clearly

3. Drop in classes
If you are not able to attend a class every week, but you want to improve your rope skills, or you are interested in watching specific subjects of shibari, then this is the perfect choice for you.
When: Every Sunday, 13:00 to 14:30
Level: Beginners
Cost: 20 euros per single participant or 30 euros per pair for each course. Ask us for course packages.
Maximum number per class: 4 pairs

4. Private tuitions
Do you have an unpredictable schedule? Do you prefer to see specific things?
Then book us for some private classes!
The cost for private shibari lessons is the following:
25€/hour for beginners' level
35€/hour for intermediate level or mixed /all levels or models
45€/hour for advanced level (masterclasses)

5. Online Classes
For online lessons the cost is 15€ per hour for beginners and 25€ per hour for advanced students.

To book your participation please contact us:
-by pm in fb page House of Ropes - shibari in Athens
-by e-mail in
-in the number 0030 690 769 2478.

Booking is mandatory, since places are very limited!
We look forward to see you there!

The AthenShibari Team
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