Kasumi Hourai & Otto

A Night in Japan
Type: In Person

2023: 29 September, hours: 21:00


~English Version~

The AthenShibari team invites you to another great rope art event on Friday, September 29, on the first floor of Kotes x Booze.

It is our great pleasure to host in Athens the dominant figures of the Japanese shibari scene, Kasoumi Hourai & Otto (JP).

Undoubtedly, Kasumi Hourai is one of the strongest influences and leading figures on the Japanese rope scene. Kasumi-san's style is heavily influenced by a deep traditional training in ikebana/kadō (Japanese flower arranging art) and sadō/chadō (tea ceremony) as well as a deep knowledge of kimono use.
She brings a refined, haunting aesthetic, combining
elements of kyokuero (eroticism) and ku (suffering).

Together with them on stage local artists will contribute to the dreamy atmosphere of the evening. Their shows will have theatrical elements and more! Everything that is going to contribute to these unique performances is waiting for you to discover!

Doors open at 21:00 and general admission is 12 euros, excluding drinks.

To buy your ticket online, please visit our page:
or contact us!

Photography and video recording during performances is strictly prohibited.

KOTES - X Booze: 57 Kolokotroni, Athens 105 60, 1st floor

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