Hourai Kasumi (JP) Shibari Workshops

Together with the amazing model Otto san from Japan!
Type: In Person

2023: 30 - 1 September, hours: 13:00

Dear shibari friends,

the AthenShibari team is happy and proud to present the legendary female kinbakushi Hourai Kasumi from Japan, together with her famous model Otto-san, for the first time in Athens, Greece!

They will be in Athens for a performance on 29 of September and 2 days full of workshops, on 30/09 and 01/10.
The participants will get the opportunity to learn a lot about a vast spectrum of shibari/kinbaku with these leading figures of the Japanese scene!

Kasumi-san’s wabi-sabi style is heavily influenced by a profoundly traditional upbringing with a professional ikebana/kadō (flower arranging) and sadō/chadō (tea ceremony) adult educator, and his wife who always wore fine kimono. She brings a refined, haunting aesthetic, combining
elements of kyokuero (eroticism) and ku (suffering).

The deep impact of Kasumi-san’s teaching can help rope tops to understand and learn much about the subtitles of the Japanese culture in shibari with intent of heightened pleasure.

Please try to be at least 20 minutes before the starting time at the space.

*Day 1

**Part 1 (approx.3 hours)
Starting at 13:30
-What is Kasumi ryu? (Talk)
-Concept of traditional Japanese kinbaku (talk)
-Gote sctructure
-Additional ropes for Gote for decoration and not only

**Part 2 (approx.3 hours)
Starting at 17:00
-Floor work
-How to do “Seme” (erotic torture) without suspension
-How to communicate with your model deeply with a few ropes
-Aesthetics: play with your model's body and also make it look beautiful

*Day 2 - Intermediate

**Part 1 (approx.3 hours)
Starting at 12:00

2 kinds of partial suspension
Gote, and suspension from the hip upwards. A very interesting partial suspension for private (or maybe not-so-private) scene
How to do “Seme” (erotic torture) with just one rope after you partially suspend your model
**Part 2 (approx.3 hours)
Starting at 15:30

2 kinds of suspension with some variations in each one
Play in the air
Aesthetics: how to make a suspension look more beautiful and more three dimensional
Day #1 is suitable for all-level, however you have to be able to do a single-column tie.
For Day #2 you will need to know how to lock on bamboos, have some experience with partials or suspensions and bring at least 8 pieces of 8m ropes.
Participants are requested to bring a Juban or a thin robe (kimono style).

If you are not sure about the requirements contact us!

Cost is 140 euros per couple for one class and 450 euros for both days.

To book your participation please contact us:
-by pm at FB page AthenShibari
-by pm at Instagram @AthenShibari
-by sendng an e-mail to
-soon on our e-shop !

Note: for participants outside of Athens who are in need of accomondation, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you.

Hope to see you there!

More about the artist:

Hourai was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 1980. She started her career in BDSM and kinbaku industry in 1999. After becoming independent in 2001, she has been working as a freelancer.

【Brief History】
By seeing kinbaku photographs by Norio Sugiura and period drama, realized the beauty and eros of kinbaku.
At the same time as graduating from high school, started working at BDSM club.
Moved to Tokyo by herself to learn kinbaku under the late Denki Akechi. Studied from him for about a year.
After watching performances by many rope artists, started to learn kinbaku at Ichinawa-kai held by Kinoko Hajime for 4 years. Around the same time, learned suspension using bamboo at Kitagawa salon, and became more fascinated by traditional Japanese kinbaku.
Took lessons from Akira Naka for 3 years.
Worked as rope rigger at Kinbaku Sajiki by Norio Sugiura, the master of kinbaku photography, for 2 years.
Work as a freelancer.

-Hourai offers her original style which combines kinbaku with Japanese culture.
-She incorporates feminine posturing and movements into the way she ties ropes.
-Although she prefers traditional Seme-nawa style the best, she adjusts her ropes each time corresponding to who she ties or what they want.
-Making use of her own experience as a kinbaku model, she develops crisis prevention methods based not only on the theories but also on her experience.

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