A Dirty Rope Show

Rope Performance @Faust Bar Theater
Είδος: In Person

2019: 21 Απριλίου, ώρες: 9:30 Μ.Μ. – 11:59 Μ.Μ.


Dear friends of shibari,

The AthenShibari team invites you on Friday, December 10, to another magical night dedicated to the erotic Japanese bondage, on the first floor of KOTES powered by Booze Cooperativa.

At this event we have the pleasure to present you WisDomme (she/her) & Psychopsis (she/her), the most active members of our team!
WisDomme and Psychopsis are involved with shibari as rigger and model respectively. They love all aspects of Japanese erotic rope art, but most of all, discovering new movements and shapes with the human body as a form of artistic expression.

Psychopsis finds Shibari very erotic and at the same time aesthetically perfect. Her studies in theater helped her to develop her style with ropes, which focuses mainly on the calmness she feels when tied, as well as the unique relationship that develops with the person who restricts her. Her goal is to show that shibari is for everyone. As an active member of the Greek rope scene, she has helped create a safe environment for many people who want to explore the ropes from the position of the person being tied.

WisDomme loves the full range of shibari, but she is mainly interested in the creative part as well as the emotional interactions between the person tying and the person being tied. She also likes the challenge of what it is like to tie different body types, to find new ways to create shapes and movements, but also new ways to provoke emotions and reactions. She teaches all levels and her main goal is to encourage everyone to discover their own path in shibari, gain confidence in their skills by taking safe steps and eventually becoming artists of themselves.

The art of rope and their collaborations with artists from all over the world, paved the way for both of them to travel to Europe and not only, to teach or participate in performances, but also to learn new perspectives or exchange ideas for the art. of erotic Japanese bondage.

That same night, together with our girls on stage, a unique couple that knows how to make us travel with the art of shibari. The artists Eugene Rach (he/him) and Chester (she/her) will take you on a journey with their dreamlike performance.

Eugene Rach discovered shibari out of a personal interest in all aspects of erotic Japanese bondage. He is interested in creating a deeper connection with his partner, so that the bonds acquire a special character. He is fascinated by the control that can be gained by the person who ties on the person who is tied up. He experiences the trust of his partner as an offer that he accepts with gratitude, but at the same time with a sense of responsibility as well. When doing ropes in private, he may use them as a tool to restrain, expose and inflict some pain to his partner, but he believes that shibari is a tool with many purposes that can be used in a variety of ways. For this reason, he will try to bring out his creative part in the show and maybe provoke some emotions, something that will be different and personal to each viewer. This aims to show everyone something more than just two people who are doing ropes, making us travel in a story, just as he is travelling whenever he is dedicated to tying with his partner.

Chester discovered her own wonderland back in 2015, by finding herself at a rope show accidentally. The spectacle of the tied bodies on the stage, as well as the changes in their positions, as the music played, were for her an image deeply charming and original. Thus began her own journey as a model in the world of Japanese erotic bonding. The feeling of limitation is for her a state of relaxation, where thoughts are silent and time stops. When she comes down after an intense rope suspension, she feels refreshed and in good spirits. She likes to test herself and her stamina, to explore her limits, to try to find new, more demanding places in the ropes, knowing her body better and creating new images and shapes. She believes that shibari is an art form that has a lot to offer, both to the members who actively practice it and to the viewers, arousing different emotions in everyone.

Together they will present their passion for ropes, as well as their own inner dialogue, through the art of erotic Japanese bondage.
These amazing people are also a part of our team.

The show will open with a dance performance based on contact improvisation, full of elements of dominance and submission with the wonderful dancers Nonya (she/her) and Esmarol (she/her).

Nonya is a dancer and ballet teacher, contemporary, improvisational and with an obligation to herself: to express needs, feelings and the whole range of emotions through movement.

Esmarol has been involved in dance as an amateur for the last 5 years, knowing that it has always been something that expressed her. She is a brat that enjoys the pain, but simultaneously the reactions of others as well, caused by her provocative behavior. She is an active member of the BDSM community as she has taken part in many events and has helped organize the AthensShibari shows.

Last but not least the AthenShibari team is preparing some more surprises for you!

Doors open at 21:00 and the contribution for the event is 10 euro, no drinks included.

Photo shooting and video recording are not allowed during the performances.

For reservations please make sure to purchase your ticket here:

Tickets are limited and all covid related measures apply.

KOTES powered by Booze Cooperativa, first floor:
57 Kolokotroni str, Athens 105 60

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