Maya Homerton & Glü Wür Workshop: Self tying and self suspension

all level workshop
Είδος: In Person

2018: 25 Νοεμβρίου, ώρες: 2 Μ.Μ. – 7 Μ.Μ.


Location: private location in Athens city center, Greece. Provided after confirmation.
Cost: 65 € per person
Dress code: rope wear, comfortable clothes
The workshop is about being creative in self tying.
The artists will show creative hip and chest harnesses, but the main focus of the workshop won’t be on the technical side of tying.
Maya Homerton and Glü Wür will focus on body movements in experimental tying and how to create fluid movements. How to move on the ground organically, generate safe ways to create your own possibilities for self-suspension. Using self-tie to express art and emotions. Make this experience a ritual for oneself.
You don’t need pervious experience as the workshop is for all levels; and all bodies.
• Short introduction about security and required equipment
• Warm up: physical fitness and stretching excersises with ropes that are usefull for self suspension
• Knots and frictions in self-tie
• Hip harness and chest harness (quick release)
• Suspension lines
• Movements: Focusing on using our body weight as a counter-tension with the strings and investigate the movements that we generate.
• Autorestriction tying on the ground and in semi-suspensions
• Learning improvisation and free style tying
• Creating different sensations: pleasure, pain, discomfort, contortion,...
• Transition: how we change to different positions by changing the body weight from the chest to the hips or from vertical to an inversion
• How to play in the air, using different elements: single column ties or futomomo
Equipment required
• 6 -8 jute or hemp ropes that are 5 or 6 mm thick and 8m long (also short pieces are useful)
• 4-6 climbing carabiners
• scissors or cable cutter
• for the workshop comfortable clothes
If you lack any equipment, please contact us so we can provide you with everything necessary.

More about the artists:
MaYa Homerton is an international model of Shibari and addicted to yoga. She has more than 7 years of experience modeling in photography and working in the community of Shibari, she gives her wisdom with yoga for a better knowledge of ourselves, respecting the body, increasing awareness and helping others to obtain this perception. Maya currently travels the world working in the Shibari workshops, performances and photography. She has worked with riggers Hajime Kinoko, Pedro Cordas, Miss Eris & Gorgone.
Glü Wür is an artist who explores the relationship between the limits of the body and the possibilities of his mind. Fusing contemporary circus and Shibari. In her performances she shows the scenic inquiry between identity and its absence, a vindication of physical diversity and a critique of the models of beauty imposed on us by the society in which we live.
This is how, through self-restriction of movements and self-torture, the artist claims freedom and diversity.

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