Monday Classes

Είδος: In Person

2021: 11 - 1 Οκτωβρίου, ώρες: 7 Μ.Μ. – 9 Μ.Μ.

Do you want to level up your shibari skills? Are you ready to learn the ropes? Curious of what we are doing?
If you answer any of these questions with "yes", then you are ready to join us!
In these classes we will explore the basics of shibari, every Monday evening.
This will include:
-history of shibari
-negotiation and consent
-Single Column Tie
-Double Column Tie
-Rope Handling
-Rope Tension
-One Rope Play
-Joining Ropes
-Simple Ties Structures
-2-Lines Takate Kote
-Creative Predicaments
-Play Ideas
Cost for all classes is 50 euros for single participants and 80 euros for couples per month (or 4 classes). If you want to participate in one class only, cost is 25 euro per class.
Reservations are necessary for the participation via PM, phone call to 6907692478 or e-mail at
There is a limited number of participants for the semi-private workshops.
Important notes:
-If you are in need of ropes, drop a message! We will not be able to lent you rope.
-Single participants will be paired up together. If you are single participant and you want to be paired up in advance and work with a professional model, contact us!

Looking forward to seeing you!
The AthenShibari team 🙂
Covid-19 guidelines for our events in close spaces:
Please make sure that you have done a self test in the last 48 hours or a rapid test in the last 72 hours and have the negative results with you; or a document of vaccination
We come with our mask
We wash our hands (really good)
We leave our shoes outside and if possible also have a change of clothes before our practice
We keep our distance and respect the space of others
We don’t change partners or items, if we are not already in contact with them
We bring our own ropes
We take care of our personal hygiene
We keep the space clean
We avoid attending if we have any symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case
Thank you so much for helping us having a clean and safe space!
Pict credits: GusSoul

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