Emotional hacking lab

with Tako and NoctuaNoir from Geneve
Είδος: In Person

2021: 2 - 3 Οκτωβρίου, ώρες: 15:00 to 21:00 both days

Emotional hacking lab

Saturday 02/10: starts at 15:00
Sunday 03/10: starts at 15:00
~6h per day

Dear Shibari friends,
We are happy to invite you for two days of ropes, experimentation, feelings and emotions, with Tako and NoctuaNoir from Geneve, at 02 and 03 of October. The workshop will be in Athens center and location will be provided after confirmation of participation.

An Emotional Hacking Lab… but what is this?

Emotion: Momentary disorder, often impulsive, caused by an intense feeling of joy, fear, surprise, which can cause restlessness, certain discomfort, certain physical phenomena, such as pallor, blushing, rapid pulse, sweating . Feel a strong emotion. Be in the grip of emotion.

Hacking: The act of hacking, breaking into. Hacking a server, a website.
Now that we have clarified the vocabulary, here is what this laboratory offers: Two days of experimenting with emotions in ropes, learning how to create, modify and use them in a safe and caring environment.

This is a workshop involving emotional communication.
The couples should be in a relationship of mutual trust and want to share intimate moments with their partner.
It is necessary to know how to tie a gote and manage suspension lines.
To attend the lab, you will need between 3 and 6 ropes of 7-8 metres each.
We suggest that you chose clothes that are comfortable to tie with.

Cost for both days is 100 euros per couple.

To book your participation please contact us:
-by pm in fb Shibari Athens Page
-by e-mail in
-in the number 0030 690 769 2478.

More about the presenters:
Rope lover and hacker-in-training, NoctuaNoir discovered Japanese rope bondage about ten years ago. Immediately seduced, she started exploring rope’s possibilities as an s/m practice as well as its artistic side. She has been tying with Tako for five years, forming a “research partnership” of sorts to explore emotions, push psychological buttons and run experiments on pain, shame and pleasure.
Professional advertising photographer, Tako, discovered kinbaku during his younger years through what would become his profession and his favorite creative medium. It was almost 15 years after seeing his first photographs of shibari that he took the plunge. Some 8 years of practice and study later, it is the results of his research that he proposes to share with us during two days of experimentation.His singular approach to shibari puts the relationship at the center of the practice.

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