Pauline Massimo Workshop - Tying Bigger Models

Beginners to Intermediate WS
Είδος: In Person

2018: 22 - 23 Σεπτεμβρίου, ώρες: 5 Μ.Μ.


Saturday, September 22, 2018 •17:30 – 21:30
Sunday, September 23, 2018 •11:00 – 17:00
Location: private location in Athens city center, Greece. Provided after confirmation.
100 € per couple for 2 days
70 € per couple for one day
Dress code: rope wear, comfortable clothes
In this workshop, the students can learn Pauline's version of TK, hip harness, chest harness, futomomo and more techniques which apply to all body types, with a focus on heavier bodies. If time and the level of the participants permit, there will be an intro to partial suspensions.
Basic general pre-requisites: knowledge of security, safety, history, communication skills, negotiation skills.
Basic technical pre-requisites: knowledge of non-collapsible single column tie, non-collapsible double column tie, basic frictions, conduction of the ropes, X, L, half moon friction, a basic idea of TK and futomomo.
This workshop and Pauline's following performance at Faust aim to inspire female riggers, male models and body positivity.
Important Notes:
This workshop will be in English and translation will not be provided.
It is an intermediate level workshop.
This workshop is for couples only.
A few words about the presenter:
Pauline discovered Shibari back in 2010, and made their first steps into it in 2012.
They believe that Shibari, as any art form, can be taught to others, can be experimented with, is open to evolve, to change, to create and to enhance creativity.
For that reason, their way of tying, teaching, and her knowledge are a mix of many years of experience, self-improvement, conscious evolution, and unique sense of style.
They have been attending several workshops, master classes and private tuition with the top and most interesting riggers/models related to Shibari from Japan, Europe and other places, since 2012.
Some of them are : Kazami Ranki, Kinoko Hajimi, Naka Akira, Otanawa, Pedro Cordas, Gorgone (Marika Leila), Yagami Ren, Fuoco, KissMeDeadlyDoll, EURIX since 2013, Prague Shibari Festival, and much more.
Furthermore she has a background of yoga and circus knowledge regarding body mechanics.
They also try to explore and promote more ways of tying bigger models and thus inspire and encourage female riggers all around the world.
They have been teaching, performing, and presenting her work at various events, festivals, venues, etc. some of them are: Ópera Garnier in Paris, Salle Pleyel in Paris, Theatre Des Arts in Rouen, l’Auditorium de Lyon, EURIX in Berlin, Anatomie Studio in London, Place des Cordes in Paris, Ellipsis Event in Rotterdam, Wasteland in Amsterdam, Bound in London, various art galleries in Spain, various tattoos conventions, Paradiso in Amsterdam, Torture Garden London, El apeadero in Granada, Prague Shibari Festival, Faust in Athens, Rope Space in São Paulo, Entre Nós in Brazilia, Ventri in Rio de Janeiro, and other

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