Exposure, Shame, Pleasure

With Jonathan Seattle Shibari & Sappho
Είδος: In Person

2021: 10 Ιουλίου, ώρες: 15:00-21:40

Exposure, Shame, Pleasure - with Jonathan Seattle Shibari & Sappho

Exposure, Shame, Pleasure
A Day of Kinbaku with Seattle Shibari
Jonathan (he/him) X Sappho (she/her)

On Saturday, 10 of July, the AthenShibari team is happy to welcome Seattle Shibari together with his partner Sappho, in Athens!
Come join us for a day of rope workshops that explore exposure, shame, and pleasure in kinbaku, the intimacy that evokes, and the power that rope bottoms can claim in that space.

The presenters will do 3 semi-private classes, each one focusing on different levels of experience, as well as different kinds of approaches. These classes will appeal to people looking to experiment with different ties and emotions, people who want to create different positions and sensations, people who desire to communicate deeper with their partner. We will work on how to do rope for intimate plays, in different ways and how both the top and the bottom can contribute to the scene in their own ways.

To tie with another is to explore trust and vulnerability. To be exposed physically can also expose our shame and our fantasies.
Across three workshops, Jonathan and Sappho will lead instruction exploring beautiful and restrictive ties of Shibari/Kinbaku, combining these with core psychological ideas and movement principles found in martial arts and dance. Together, we’ll explore:
• Consent & Negotiation
• Shame & Exposure Play in Rope
• Restrictive Ties & Anatomy, including modifications and variations
• Active Bottoming Skills
• Body to Body Movement & Manipulation
• Rope Handling Skills for Tying with Fluidity & Connection
• Listening to your partner and co-creating impactful scenes from both sides of the rope
• Aesthetics and Rope
Expect to spend the majority of class getting plenty of hands on practice in a friendly, non-competitive environment. This workshops are definitely appropriate for all genders, sexual orientations, and body types.

The program will be the following:
~CLASS #1:
15:00 to 17:00
Level: all levels
Description: in this class we will focus on options and ideas for floor ties, as well as the emotions that can come of when someone is tied on the floor.
~CLASS #2:
17:20 to 19:20
Level: intermediate (experience with locking suspension lines required)
Description: in this class we will focus on options and ideas for partial suspensions, as well as the side of the person tied, both physically and emotionally.
~CLASS #3:
19:40 to 21:40
Level: advanced (previous experience with suspension required)
Description: in this class we will focus on options and ideas for suspension ties, as well as what kind of responses these might bring to the tied person.

Clothing & Equipment:
You should wear clothing comfortable to tie in.
We will provide yoga mats to sit & tie on, but feel free to bring your own.
Please bring (3-4) 8 meter pieces of bondage rope, 5-6mm in diameter.
For suspension you will need 8-10 full length ropes + carabineers (optional)

Pricing and payment:
Cost is 45 euros for one class, 80 euros for two classes or 95 euro for all three classes.
This cost is per couple.
Payment can be done via PayPal, Bank Transfer (for greek residents only, due to bank charges) or cash. So please also tell us your preferred payment method.

How to book:
To book your place, please contact here via pm, through mail at or by phone at +306907692478.
We look forward to seeing you!

Other information:
The workshop will be held in English. If you are not sure about your level, feel free to contact us!
Single participants can be paired up in advanced after communication. In case you need to pair up before the workshop, or you need ropes or other equipment, please let us know.
Also, feel free to contact the organizing team for any further information.

About the Presenters
Jonathan (SeattleShibari) is an international rope artist who performs onstage, ties for art collaborations, and teaches the art of Shibari/Kinbaku. He has performed and presented for audiences across the world. Traveling yearly to Japan for a continuing immersion in his own studies, he meshes a distinctive and constantly evolving blend of Western & Eastern aesthetics & perspectives in his interpretation of the art. He holds a teaching license from Kinoko Hajime.
Sappho is an unabashed lover of rope who brings expertise in Latin dance forms and a spirit of sensual inquiry to her kinbaku. She and Jonathan have tied together for several years in numerous countries, including Japan. Sappho combines a methodical analysis of physical movement with a deep knowledge of neuro-anatomy in her approach to rope bottoming, and loves to share this knowledge with others.
Visit for more.

Covid-19 guidelines:
Please make sure that you have done a self/rapid test in the last 2 days and have the negative results with you, or a document of vaccination
We come with our mask
We wash our hands (really good)
We leave our shoes outside and if possible also have a change of clothes before our practice
We keep our distance and respect the space of others
We don’t change partners or items, if we are not already in contact with them
We bring our own ropes
We take care of our personal hygiene
We keep the space clean
We avoid attending if we have any symptoms or have been in contact with a confirmed case
Thank you so much for helping us having a clean and safe space!
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