Seductive Ropes - An approach to Sekibaku

with Ludvig from Sofia, Bulgaria
Είδος: Online

2021: 21 Μαρτίου, ώρες: 6 PM GMT +3

Dear shibari friends,

We are very happy to present one very special figure in the European shibari scene: Ludvig, famous for his Sekibaku Shibari Dojo, where he teaches shibari since 2018.

He has learned the art of the ropes from the biggest names of the scene (Hajime Kinoko, Barkas, Fred Rx, etc.) but he has been most influenced by Ren Yagami, to whose style he has been completely dedicated the last years.

In this class we will explore the Sekibaku approach, the history and evolution of the ryu (school of ropes), the purpose behind the ties and the position of the bodies. We will discuss how it looks vs how it feels, what is the meaning of the ropes, for the rigger and the model. Finally we will take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the flow, as we will also witness a moment shared between Ludvig and his model Michelle.

This is a discussion/demonstration class and is addressed to all levels of experience. It will be held in English and no translation will be provided.

During the presentation, all microphones will be muted, but you can use the chat to ask questions. The presenters will be happy to answer everything.

Duration is approximately 1 and half hours.
Cost is 10 euros per registration.

Payment can be done via PayPal or Bank Transfer (for Greek residents only, due to bank charges). So please, when you send us a message to book your place and also tell us your preferred payment method.

All events are scheduled for the Greek Time Zone (GMT+3)
If you are not sure if the time is suitable for you, you can use google or

This is a live class and will not be recorded. You are free to take notes on the class.

You will need to download zoom here: for this class.
Looking forward to seeing you, also on virtual space! The course will be done via zoom.

All the best

The AthenShibari team

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