Help a rigger!

with DuchessV, Psychopsis & WisDomme
Είδος: Online

2020: 28 Νοεμβρίου, ώρες: 6 pm. UTC+02 – 9 pm. UTC+02

Help a rigger! with DuchessV, Psychopsis & WisDomme

Saturday, 6 pm. UTC+02 – 9 pm. UTC+02

Online event

Price: 15 euros per registration
This is an all levels class
This class is about the communication and co-operation between a model and a rigger, both in a verbal and non-verbal way. It is suitable to both single individuals, couples or other groups of rope enthousiasts.
It will be consisted of two parts:
Α) An open discussion about some basic verbal communication aspects, especially from the bottom's side of view.
The main topics are:
-Basic safety matters that depend on communication
-Presenting limits, desires, asking and giving space
-Negotiation before, during and after the session (feedback)
-Non-verbal communication (how, when and why)
Β) Two demonstrations:
-One on floorwork (ichinawa play) in different and fun ways
-One on suspension with some transitions
In both cases we will explore:
-How it feels being active or passive in the ropes
-How being aware of one's body can h

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