ARTISTIC EXPLORATION & SOCIAL PRACTICE with Felix Ruckert /Berlin) and Yael Stormborn (Los Angeles)
Είδος: In Person

2023: 2 Απριλίου, ώρες: 12:15



with Felix Ruckert /Berlin) and Yael Stormborn (Los Angeles)

Talk (in English) with practical examples
The popularity of rope bondage in Europe continues to explode. For many people, bondage seems to represent a pleasurable exploration of their own and other people’s bodies. Bondage allows access to creative work, to expression, to play, and to intense human encounters. Bondage also inspires many people to explore artistic practices such as performance or photography for the first time.

As a dancer and choreographer Felix Ruckert represents the artistically engaged side of the European community and sees rope bondage as an art form as well as a profound social practice. For Felix, Bondage is living sculpture, dynamic composition, theatrical process, sensual encounter, and intimate communication. Its fascination lies in this complexity. Felix therefore explores the practice of rope bondage in open-ended processes, welcoming above all the technical, aesthetic, and conceptual ideas and innovations that represent the cultural abundance of the European context, while investigating their potential to enrich the Japanese tradition. In addition to reinterpreting and expanding traditional practice, Felix is therefore especially interested in creative experimentation, research, unconventional approaches and interdisciplinary thinking: the courage to take artistic risks and the pleasure to fail. He also attaches particular importance to an intensive engagement with the affective and interpersonal aspects of the practice, trying to create the tools for a powerful exploration of emotional landscapes and for the deepening of a culture of communication, collaboration, and consent. Felix strives to understand the parameters of this potentially transformative experience.

Yael Stormborn (Los Angeles) who has vast experience as an aerialist, performer and rope model brings in her perspective as an US based artist and researcher. Yael can be found performing at many an underground after hours fetish club in Los Angeles, for Playa Alchemist at Burning Man, in addition to being a daughter of The House of Red Velvet, an erotic, surrealist dark art performance collective based in Los Angeles. Upon finding rope bondage, it was a seminal point for Yael to translate and unlock the similarities and connections between aerial arts and rope bondage and to create a lexicon for both rope tops and bottoms to more fully explore. As a kink performer, she is specifically interested in creating & sharing the work that she does with her body & how that translates to be a cultural provocateur. Artistically, the work of Yael is largely influenced by eroticism and the exploration of abandonment, often playing with proximity, perspective, and the intersection of light, sound & touch to evoke an emotional response.

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