Gestalta and Tamandua Shibari Workshop

2-Days of exploring the ropes
Είδος: In Person

2018: 13 Μαΐου, ώρες: 14:30


Dress code: rope wear, comfortable clothes
The workshop will be in English and translation will not be provided.
On the schedule for the 2-days workshop:
1. Risk awareness and safety
2. Solid TK
3. Other floor ties
4. Attaching suspension lines to TK
5. Suggestion of attachement technique on other types of ties on the body
6. Locking off the suspension lines on bamboo vs. a ring/carabiner
7. Basic rope and body management for riggers
8. Basic body management for models
~IMPORTANT NOTE: The schedule will be made on the spot, depending on the needs and the level of the participants.
We will be glad to welcome all kinds of pairs, genders, orientations and body types.
-How to register:
This is a workshop for couples.
Please contact or the event host to express your interest (or for any questions/further information).
You will need to pay 70€ in advance, at least by the 1st of May, to ensure your position.
The rest 70€ can be paid upon arrival.
! Note: If you do not have a partner, either as a rigger or as a model, please send a message to inform, so we could figure out a solution.
Comfortable clothes, a set of at least 6 ropes of jute or possibly hemp and any number of carabiners, if possible.
In case you lack any of the above please contact us.

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