“Play & Shoot”

Είδος: In Person

2023: 23 Ιανουαρίου, ώρες: 18:45


1. Presentation of CARNIVORE and students
2. What is playshooting?
Designations, dangers, motivation differences
3. Small consensus school & Mind-Set check
What should I know about myself and my partner before a play shoot?
4. Entrée – Phase & noverbal communication in the Play
how do i get into a play. how do i lead and check the body/mindset
5. Carnivore's method - the playlevels
the design of the plays
practice exercises and tasks from Swen,
Movement / Playlevels Play / Challenges
5. Cool down/Aftercare & reflection rounds
*Only Couples or 3-Persons, no Singles
It’s not a Rope Workshop…
*Would you like to create unique, realistic images with authentic emotions?
Do you want to learn a new game?
learn how to prepare for an intense project, whether it's a play model or a play guide, we'll approach
both perspectives to understand what processes the individual actors go through from start to finish.
In addition, we distinguish between intensive collaborations with known and trusted people and with
strangers. we always pay attention to transparency, security and consensus.
Then get an insight into the method of playshooting.*
A playshooting goes beyond a normal photo shoot. Posing is not the focus here, but a play / scenario
/ mindset is created in which the play model and the play photographer or the kinky couple go
together. The focus is not only on the camera, but on the shared experience, the interaction, which
can be designed in a playful and challenging way.
The result is unique and authentic images that do not appear posed, but show real facets and
emotions. The scenario also results in uniquely exciting game situations between the participants.
Are you curious? Then register now for the workshop and learn how to design such a shoot safely,
amicably, creatively and with pleasure! Ideal for BDSM/Kink beginners and advanced users!

Registration + Cost:
Cost is 80 euro per couple. Single participants can contact us.
Places very limited. Book yours here:

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