Bottoming workshop with Sofia Rose (UK) and Burgundy Rose (UK)

Bottoms up!
Είδος: In Person

2019: 30 Μαρτίου, ώρες: 3:30 Μ.Μ. – 7:30 Μ.Μ.

Dear Shibari friends,
We are very happy to present Sophia Rose from London this March! For the first time in Athens, she will be presenting a workshop on bottoming and also a splendid performance together with Burgundy Rose!
Even though the subject of this workshop is mainly oriented on bottoms, we strongly encourage riggers to attend as well. A shibari play is a teamwork and it is highly recommended for tops to also gain knowledge on topics that have to do with bottoming in ropes. Rope couples/partners are also encouraged to participate!
The subjects will be the following:
Before the ropes go on
Responsibility - Power and control
Negotiation - subtleties of consent
The wheel of consent (accepting/allowing vs serving/taking)
Safety and Potential injuries (blood circulation/nerve compression and more)
Preparing and warming up (physically/mentally)
Setting the scene - leading from the inside
Body awareness - active vs passive bottoming - exploring body tone and resistance
Different bodies/different ties/different abilities/different possibilities - different ways to place the arms/different arm positions - how to adapt to find what works for you -
Better rope = better bottoming - speaking up and giving feedback
Listening to each other - power of non verbal communication
Breaking the stereotypes / body positivity - what is 'beautiful' in rope?
Ferocious Bottoming (breath/vocalisation/movement)
Tips on performance/confidence being 'seen'
Coming down - aftercare/rope drop/dealing with problems/when things go wrong
This workshop will mostly take the form of presentation and demonstration. However there will be some opportunities for participation in a few hands on exercises for body awareness and communication/feedback, no technical rope skills necessary!
Open to the general public - registration compulsory
About the presenter:
Passionate about sexual exploration, freedom of expression, and kink/BDSM education. She aims to support others to share in the cathartic experience it is to feel free to be who you want to be, and shed the fear of judgement and shame that we are often conditioned to feel from a young age.
Expressing and connecting so deeply with inner desires/ fears and ‘self’ through rope and kink has been one of the most transformational experiences in her life so far, and she is very grateful to continue this journey. Rope has led her to travel across Europe and the USA, in order to present and perform.
Cost is 30 € for single participants and 45 € per couple.
To secure your place send an Inbox message, an email to or call (+30)6907692478.
All the best
The AthenShibari team

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