Wabi-sabi: asymmetry in twisty partials

With Petite Pretzel (UK) & Clara Sideways (UK)
Είδος: In Person

2022: 17 Απριλίου, ώρες: 15:00-20:00


“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” - Richard Powell
Dear shibari friends,
the AthenShibari team would like to invite you to the first-of-its-kind workshop on partial plays, with lots of body manipulation, rope restriction and fun!
Our experts guests of this game, Petite Pretzel (she/her) and Clara Sideways (she/her) from the UK will teach you how to use the twists and bends of your partner’s body to be more playful in ropes!
This workshop will give you a set of skills that you can use to play with torsions in floor play and partial suspensions. Rather than creating exact visual symmetry, we are aiming for harmony and balance. Rotating the neck, the shoulders, the hips in different directions can create physically demanding positions which exaggerate the model’s proportions.
We will start with open shapes and back bends, pulling the model’s shoulders back and exposing the throat. Then we will move into more crumpled-up, closed shapes where the knees and chest come together. Each set of positions has its own challenges, for model and for rigger.
Torsions - particularly with an extreme bend at the waist - can create breath restriction. Depending on the level of participants, we can explore this further.
Prerequisites: Riggers should be able to tie load-bearing chest harnesses (i.e. the TK, front harness, though arms-free harnesses are good too) and models should be aware of the difference between circulation and nerve impingement.
People being bound should be comfortable communicating with their partner.
Cost is 50 euros per couple.
To book your participation please contact us:
-by pm at AthenShibari
-by pm at Instagram @AthenShibari
-by sendng an e-mail to
Soon on our e-shop too!
Come and learn with the best!

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