Kink & Trauma Healing

With the clinicial psychologist Anna Polychronopoulou
Είδος: Online

2022: 28 Ιανουαρίου, ώρες: 20:00-22:00


"Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering."
Peter Levine, Phd Medical Biophysics, Phd Psychology, Author of 'Waking the Tiger'

When we speak of trauma healing, it means that we stand for the idea that wounds can heal. In this course we will discuss that kink, and BDSM in general, can provide the space for inner transformation, regarding past experiences and the impact they had on our psychological world.

This class consists of a theoretical part that discusses the topics in depth and some practical suggestions for you to try at your convenience.
We will also try to create an awareness of the resources that are available to us and will try to provide you with tools which will help us cope with past trauma, as well as show how and why this can be possible through the kink

We will discuss:
-Kink in the mental health community: views, misconceptions and evolution
-what is trauma? How it can affect us?
-What is trauma management? What is a restorative process?
-Kink as tool for healing and transformation
-Sexuality as an evolutionary experience
This is an educational workshop designed for everyone!
-people who are either very experienced or just curious about the world of kink and BDSM
-people who are interested in the topic for themselves and their own growing/healing
-people who are interested to acquire a deeper understanding of how kink and BDSM play might affect their partners
-people who just wish to understand better the positive/transformative impact that kink practices and BDSM dynamics can have on some people
~We are NOT suggesting that this course is or should be a substitute for proper trauma informed therapy.
This is a glimpse on how kink can lead us to identify parts of ourselves and deal with past trauma.
~Depending on the response to this course, we hope to create a series of courses regarding topics such as negotiating, building a scene, safety (before, during, after a session), creating safe spaces, shame, triggers, anxiety, position of power, embodiment exercises and many more!

Duration is approximately 2 hours.

Cost is 10 euros per registration.
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Looking forward to seeing you, also on virtual space!

All the best

The AthenShibari team

*About the presenter:*

Anna Polychronopoulou is a clinical psychologist and has a license to practice psychology. She studied and graduated in the Psychology Faculty of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She continued her studies in a two-year postgraduate program of "Social Psychiatry", which is conducted by the Department of Psychiatry of the Democritus University of Thrace and specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology and psychological symptoms in adults and children.
In order to enrich her knowledge, she attended the Biennial Psychoanalytic seminar on psychoanalytic theory and the basic principles of psychoanalytic psychotherapy in adults, with Professor P. Sakellaropoulos as the scientific supervisor of the program. She has as well attended an introductory workshop at embodied psychology, at the Hellenic Psychosomatic Society.
She has completed a four-year training in the psychotherapeutic method of psychodrama from the center "Endochora", which is a member of the European Psychodrama Federation, FEPTO.
She has collaborated voluntarily with the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica "Dromokaitio" and with the Non-Governmental Organization "Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health", which concerns the provision of housing and the development of socialization of people with psychiatric disorders.
She has offered her services on the hotline of direct social assistance "197" of the National Center of Social Solidarity (EKKA), where she provided counseling and psychological support to the calling adults, adolescents and children. This specific service gave her an "Honorable Mention" for her work.
She has attended and undertaken cases at the Day Center of the Non-Governmental Organization "ANASA" which concerns people suffering from eating disorders.
Finally, she worked as a psychologist at the Psychopedagogical Center "Skills", where she had undertaken the psychological evaluation and treatment of children who come to the center and also did parental counseling.
She currently works privately as a psychotherapist and conducts sessions mainly for adults and adolescents with a variety of treatment requests.
She is a polyamory-affirmative, sex-positive, kink allied therapist, with knowledge on the subject of sexual orientation and gender identity
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