SEMENAWA: Ropes of Erotic Torment

with @EratoBanana (FR) & @Ma_chocolapain (FR)
Είδος: In Person

2022: 5 - 6 Φεβρουαρίου, ώρες: from 15:00 to 21:00 each day


Shibari/Kinbaku is famous for not just the restriction, but also as an SM practice.
Semenawa (責め縄) can mean different things to different people. In it's most literal sense, it can be translated as 'tormenting rope'.
In this workshop we will explore what it means for both riggers and models.

Short Introduction to Semenawa:
In semenawa ropes, the rigger inflicts both physical and psychological torment on their partner in order to take them out of their comfort zone.
Banana will talk a little about her experience with this style, both as a rigger and as a model TK: We will learn an adaptation of TK Naka elaborated by Docvale.
This course is designed to teach the detailed construction of the TK / Takate kote, a chest harness widely used in semi-suspension and suspension. For a TK to be safe, viable and "comfortable" for the model, the tension and placement of the ropes must be very precise. We will give you as many tools as possible to learn and progress in this area.
Tying a good TK is a goal that will accompany you throughout your journey as a rigger. This is why this course is designed for beginners as well as for more experienced riggers who need to deepen their knowledge of the requirements and subtleties of this harness.
Getting comfortable in a TK can seem like quite a challenge for models. It often takes time and experience to get used to the sensations it can create. We will be there to help and advise you!

When we tie to the ground we can quickly lack inspiration, feel limited by our technique, and have the impression of tying bondages "easy" for our partners. The goal of this course will be to go against these limiting impressions and to realize that with basic tools we can tie and decline many classic shibari bondages.

~ Pre-requisites:
Know how to tie a single and a double column tie, the counter-tension and the X friction. As shibari is not an insignificant practice. It is always preferable to come with a partner with whom you already practice in order to allow a good communication between you.

~ Ropes:
You will need 6-8 ropes ideally in jute ( or hemp), 6mm in diameter, 7-8m in length

Day #2:

Progressivity in the way we tie and make a session evolve is very important in semenawa (ropes of torment). Some positions have become quite iconic because they allow a large number of variations which lead to a nuanced progressivity.
We will tie some classic positions of semenawa's style in semi-suspension and suspension in order to discover this way of tying.
During this course, the models learn about their feelings and emotions in the ropes. Banana and Chocolapain will advise them so that their experiences go smoothly. This workshop will be progressive and will propose several steps that may or may not be possible depending on the difficulties you encounter.y

~ Pre-requisites:
This course is for riggers who know how to build the main harnesses including a TK (any style but if you want to tie the one I use, I will teach during Day1) and know how to manage suspension lines, and to models who have previous experience with suspension.
As shibari is not an insignificant practice, it is always preferable to come with a partner with whom you already practice in order to allow a good communication between you.

~ Ropes :
You will need 8-10 ropes ideally in jute (or hemp), 6mm in diameter, 7-8m in length.

More about the presenters:
Switch, teacher & co-manager of Atelier Simonet (Paris)
For about ten years she had the funny habit of tying up her partners with anything she could get my hands on. She started taking shibari classes in 2017 with teachers of different styles, notably with May Dosem. She quickly realized that what would drive her in the ropes would be the same as in life: what is raw, without filter and without cheating.
As an actress and director by training, she has always been fascinated by the
expression of emotions and shibari has opened up new path of exploration for her.
She began to follow Docvale’s teaching in November 2018, at which time they also began tying together and then quickly working together.
Since 2019, she has been working on managing Atelier Simonet with Docvale and teaching there (regular classes and workshops).
Today, she thinks it is important to acquire solid technical bases in order to put them at the service of the relationship with the other, which is for her the center of kinbaku.
This is what she takes pleasure in transmitting to my students

During these class, Bänana will tie Chocolapain. She has been practicing ropes for 5 years and is curious to discover different styles. She is always willing to share with Bänana new explorations and is her regular learning partner. Practicing semenawa is a funny bet for both of us because we are very shy and used to hide our emotions. We progress on this path at our own pace. We still have a lot to discover together.

From 15:00 to 21:00 each day!

Early bird -> until 10/01/2022
Cost for 1 day: 100 euro
Cost for both days: 150 euro
General admission
Cost for 1 day: 130 euro
Cost for both days: 180 euro

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